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Default Re: Cleveland - OKC -----trade idea

OKC would hang up the phone in an instant. You don't break up a proven and young nucleus like that. It'd be the Lakers trading Kobe for #1 pick Kenyon Martin.

Are you kidding me? Kyrie Irving + Unproven White Big for a 2nd Team All-NBA, 22 year-old Russell Westbrook? Are you serious?

1) The Thunder are one of the five youngest teams in the league. And they already made it to the WCF! They're not going anywhere, they'll be serious contenders for the next six years.

2) Kyrie Irving would waste 2-3 years of Durant's prime just trying to develop.

3) Kyrie Irving sucks! This guy is the most overrated prospect I've seen in years. How is he a better prospect that Mike Conley? How did 12 pedestrian games and being blown out in the NCAA Tournament correlate to #1 overall pick pedigree? I don't understand his hype.
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