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Default Re: It feels like I'm at "home" watching a TNT game.

Originally Posted by FourthTenor
Agree about Hubie but Tirico is an excellent play by play guy
I prefer Harlan/Albert. I guess I can say sure, Tirico gets the job done, but he just doesn't stand out to me, hence nothing to speak of. I might be biased with marv albert though since he's the "voice of basketball"; I know that's an ambiguous label but I always associated his commentary with the game ever since growing up.

My favoriet play-by-play is Harlan, he's always riveting and excited when doing play by play and comes up with great quotes whenever someone does something inhuman on the court.

Hubie's many annoying quotes:
"Now see you can't let him do that"
"See what he did there was he grabbe the ball, did a pump fake, got his man in the air, brought it up and drew the contact, that's what you have to do to get buckets"
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