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Originally Posted by WilliamPhiladelphiaSmith
Title Contendors in two years?

As long as Kidd's healthy, Carter's still in his Prime, and Jefferson's improving.

Krstic becoming a beast.

Kidd gets two years to teach Marcus his tricks, some defense. Marcus already got that sick court vision.. They can split very productive minutes between the two.

Take Jacques Vaughn outta there!

Collins and Boone are very solid defenders.. Krstic's not but he got OFFENSE.

RJ.. well he'z RJ man a top 5 SF in the game!! and hes improving.


i hope Antoine WRight can work his way into the rotation and stroke that three.

and Jacque Vaughn can still be put into the game sfor matchups on defense at times... but I hope he never has to shoo the basketball again.
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