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Originally Posted by det2orl
I disagree, he will be good option to come off the bench and shoot. We needed a starting quality 2/3. We Redick and Turk we have no one who can guard and NBA 2/3 and DeShawn has opted out, he sucks anyway. Good riddance.

First of all, Turk is not as bad of a defender as he is made out to be. He is average and try's hard. He is not a defensive liability by any means.

Second of all, just because DeShawn opted out, doesn't mean he won't be back next season.

Lastly, DeShawn does not "suck". He is very good defender, has a good mid-range jumper, good slashing ability (his finishing at the basket can sometimes let him down, but that is often exagerated fans). Most importantly he has a good team attitude and mentality. Very important if Dwight, Jameer and Darko are to be the big 3 of this team.

We have everything we need at SG if we re-sign DeShawn. A young but experienced defender with some offensive game, and a young deadly 3 point/mid-range shooter with a high basketball IQ in Redick. Both guys have very good work ethics I might add.
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