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Default Re: 2011 NBA Finals Game 1 OGT: Dallas Mavericks @ Miami Heat, Tue 5/31 9:00p ET

Originally Posted by Theoo
1) i dont care
2) i dont care
3) man you dont care to NBA then why there fk** you make game threads to a post in NBA forum if you hate NBA then get out here forum you hate that NBA make postings to SIMS forum or something

1) You don't care then why you try to say to me Who's Micky Arison???
2) Again, why you say "Thats Carlos Arroyo"? I say its Bibby and you say you don't care? WTF?
3) Just go out and practice you jumbpall tip if you love it so much. Jump ball tip is justa formality, not a game changing event.
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