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Default Re: Your draft board

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
I'm just not buying what people are selling on him. It mostly has to do with him being a "winner" or "clutch" or having a good character. Intangible things rather than actual skills and production on the court. I don't think he's a good shooter or a good playmaker. He's also smaller than Knight. I see a worse version of Raymond Felton in him.

It's the intangibles in addition to the speed, quickness, ball handling, scoring ability, the ability to run the pick and roll and split double teams. I think Kemba's a much better scorer than Felton but Felton's a better passer.

Kemba's ballhandling is what I think will make him more successful in the NBA than Knight. It's the difference between Tyreke Evans and DeMar. Of course, Knight's still very young and should improve in that regard.
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