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Default Re: Rumor: 3 Team Trade (CLE-MIN-DET): CLE get #2 too

Originally Posted by Sterlingsucks
Burks can ball just needs to work on his Jumper imo, BUT that is what Minny does not need..yea Kanter and Burks would be great for any team who is not the what point do you continue to stock in young men instead of putting vets around them? thats what Im looking at...Young teams will be good down the line BUT being a Clipper fan I know exactly what happens to young guys...they leave to get paid ! since the management wont extend their contracts. I hope it works out for them though I like the young guys they have on their squad
Minnesota faces the same problem as the Clippers and the Cavs... Attracting the elite FAs is very difficult. Minnesota is not good enough to simply add mediocre veterans and be a contender. Are Beasley, Love, Flynn and maybe Rubio (if he ever comes over) really the guys that are going to develop into the kind of dominant players that you need to be an elite team, even if you surround them with a bunch of veterans?

I don't think so... Yes, they have a lot of young guys, but still no Durant or Griffin-esque elite young guys. Taking a couple more shots at stumbing into one of those kind of young guys isn't really a bad thing.
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