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Default Re: Rumor: 3 Team Trade (CLE-MIN-DET): CLE get #2 too

Originally Posted by Sterlingsucks
IDK If Minny got a SG they would be good and a center. Love, Randolph and Beasley are good players, so is Wesley Johnson and Rubio (no body knows) Flynn had a good rookie year then fell off but should bounce back..guys like Nick Young or RIP could do wonders for that team imo
Forgot about Randolph. Even still, I think they are best off getting as many picks as they can in this draft (it is clear they don't need Williams) and then decide which of these young guys that they want to keep.

The ones that they feel are moveable, attempt to add veterans that way. It is never a bad thing to have a wealth of young talent... Whether for your future or for trade bait.
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