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Default Re: Rumor: 3 Team Trade (CLE-MIN-DET): CLE get #2 too

Originally Posted by GiveItToBurrito
Good analysis and I totally agree.

Detroit's fans should be livid if this goes down. Hamilton's deal sucks, but they need talent at every position, with Monroe being the only guy on the team who's a definite keeper, and he's still not good enough to be top three guy on an elite team. Why do they need cap space so bad right now anyways? Lebron James or someone isn't going to save them and they really should be focused on acquiring guys in their early 20s now, since someone who's a free agent now will be over the hill by the time the team is good again (which will be at least another three years). Besides, if they wait a year, Rip "Awful Untradeable Contract" Hamilton becomes Rip "Big Expiring Contract To a Player Who Can Contribute" Hamilton.

This is a weak ass draft and chances are that Detroit will be in the lottery again next year where the talent pool is much better. If I was a Piston fan, I wouldn't mind the trade at all.
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