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Default Re: 2011 NBA Finals Game 1 OGT: Dallas Mavericks @ Miami Heat, Tue 5/31 9:00p ET

Originally Posted by Theoo
nice thread sticky this

wtf a owner mickyy arison ??? isnt it not that owner pat riley. and WTF THERE CARLOS AROYO TO THE PG!!!!!! hes now a trator celtics . make him bibby.

jumpballtip: now have the mavericks tyson chandler to center. SPOLSTRA NEED FINALLY MAKE A FK** THINK TO HIS BRAIN!!! in chicaco the win the all the game that the win the jumpballtip peoples think it was a concidence ??? i make a thread to the forums : MIAMI TO THE FINALS . because joel anthony winned hes first jumpballtip to the playoff to his career i thinked and the win the game and then the miami were verrey lucky because rose to a turnover afterj umpballtip so the won the jumpballtip but not SPOLSTRA NEED TO USE HEAD!!! cant make always joel anthony to jumpballtip he have put ilgauskas start to center not joel anthony ilgauskas have one the best jumpballtip in nba history. EASY JUMPBALL TIP TO MAVERICK if the have joel anthony to the jumpballtip. tyson chandler verrey good to the jumpballtip he will win it to maverick if it is to joel anthony.

lets get these game on the road
I think Joel Anthony is going to have a huge series. I see the series going 6 games with the Heat winning and Joel Anthony dominating, I think he wins 4 jump balls to start the game. Hes going to prove his haters like you wrong that he can win jump balls and will win finals MVP because of winning all those jump balls, which obviously decide the game..
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