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Default Cupcake drives me crazy!

Rant ON

Ok, so I am reading the Riverside Press Telegram online as they do a good job of covering Lakers activities. (Brad Turner rocks)....

Anyway, I am reading the article about the Lakers pick of Jordan Farmar, and it quotes Cupcake as saying:

"We did not think that Jordan Farmar would be available when we picked at 26," General Manager Mitch Kupchak said. "We actually had him going five or six picks higher than this. So it wasn't a player that we were prepared to take."

Ok please, he was not "prepared" to take the best talent available at that stage of the draft? Did he not "prepare" for this draft?

Sorry, I just don't get that. Whether or not it was a misquote, a misstatement or whatever, this guy is about as bland as they come. I can't stand it when he is interviewed on the radio or tv. Geez, get a personality Cupcake!

Has he ever had a good draft pick? I guess the jury is out.

Ok, I feel better now.

Rant OFF

p.s.: Link to Article:
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