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Default Re: Bargnani Suggests Raptors May Not be his Ideal Team

Originally Posted by Toni
Yeah me neither. We all chirp Bargnani because of his obvious and brutal flaws to his game, but he is still a very capable and young scorer with untapped potential. I know many people think his value in the league is somewhat low, but I think we can get a lot more in return than what most of us believe. However, this is not a year that we should be trading to move up in the draft. I wouldn't mind picking up a mid-1st round pick and pick up a decent player that could slip like Jimmer Fredette.

Why would we trade for Frye anyways? He's basically a less athletic Bargnani.

Nice post - very balanced +1

Frye ?

Just because like Oden with Frye there is sometimes a desire to move a player who never met or will never meet the expectations of them. You trade what you have fully understanding what is coming back.

Then by giving the piece coming back you work them into the curcumstances where they can suceed with lower expectations.

I cant say I know Frye's game inside out ; but I imagine if he is counted on being a defender shot blocker assist maker from the 5 and to create room for Ed Davis... he would do.

There are a half dozen of these players available including Pryzbilla Kaman etc.

What the Raptors would be looking for is a character guy to play his role here much as Ben G was for the Pistons championship team ; before he got over valued and over rated.

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