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Default Re: Chamberlain's Mock Draft

Actually your picks are pretty cool from what I see... I mean a fair amoung of consensus.

The one wild card I am unsure about is Chris Singleton (spelling) PF Florida.

Given this years draft and a lot of Euro players at forward - I could see his stock rise up as high as 7 and anywhere 7 - 20. Some teams will simply not wait on the Internaltional Contract settlement standards for a player. Some teams will be looking for depth in bigs. Multiple reasons. Not about talent reasons or nationality reasons...just Florida is a proven program and having extra bigs is always a good bench problem.

Take a look I mean Washington, Utah, Portland, Cavs, Pacers almost all the top teams in the 7 - 20 can use the depth...with the possible exception of the Raptors and Twolves. (davis and beasley)
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