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Default Heat/Mavs - Guy I would love on the Raptors

So I watched the game.

Brendon Haywood played some very respectable minutes last night.

No not all star or anything like that but over all he was solid in the paint on D - sucked up RBs - is really a starting center on most teams.

Haywood signed a 6 year - 55 Mil deal last year so he has 5 more at 9MM per roughly.

I think he would be the awesome centerpiece to play with Ed Davis and Derozan/Johnson at the 3. That would be an exciting front court. I think Haywoods game would match up nice ; his vetern pressence a perfect fit.

Of course the only issue is prying him away from Dallas - but if they want to resign Chandler and a new cap is a lot harder old Cuban may have to make choices.
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