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Default Re: Heat/Mavs - Guy I would love on the Raptors

The real reason I thinks its even "remotely possible" with Dallas is :

- they want to sing and retain Chandler as their starting 5

- 45 million to Haywood over next 5 years or so is actually more of a cap hit than say Barges which is 40 MM - 10 Million for 4 more years. Given the math it actually works out both ways ?

- perhaps they think that Barges could be mentored by Dirk...

Pure speculation on my part


As for bringing in long term "over priced talent" - compared to what please?

Keeping Barges here that doesnt fit the team? In addition now to the "softly expressed hard feelings" probably on both sides - player and managment. In addition to the abortive deal for Jose last year with the same situation??

There are very few teams that I can think of off hand willing to surrender a series of short term contracts that will come "off the cap" soon in exchange for a player like Barge or Calderon.

Especially with a new CBA coming ?

Everyone here suggests the only way to go is to dump dump dump and go young - No Channing Frye is no good - no Haywood is no good - no Oden is no good but there simply isnt a trade to move Barges Calderon or others that doesnt imply :

1) some risk of underperformance coming back and or
2) some risk of serious money under the cap becuase that is what we are trading away.

Really to be honest and practical you have to look at these type of deals and think which player would fit with the young roster and could be a mentor.

Frankly I seriously hope re resign Reggie back. The money we save on letting weems go can go to Reggie.

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