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Thumbs down Re: 2011 NBA Finals Game 2 thread: Dallas Mavericks at Miami Heat

Since I killed the other thread, here's my original post:

Originally Posted by Gotterdammerung
All the complainers and whiners in this thread need to deal with a few facts:

Despite being up 1-0 the Heat has problems.
  • They shot only 38.9%. In other words, they rely heavily on LeBron and Wade to hit their perimeter shots. Sure they're versatile and potent, but they're not terribly consistent from the bonus line (33% and 31% respectively this season). They hit 70% of their 3s in Game 1. Once that percentage drops back to the means, their offense is exposed as inefficient.
  • In game 1, the Heat performed well on the glass, above the norm. This shouldn't be taken for granted, given the larger sample size of their rebounding over the season and the playoffs.
  • Dallas held Miami to 0.88 points per possession & only 8 points from transition, in which Haslem fired blanks from the top of the key, Bibby bricked all of his shots, & Bosh was a horrible 5 of 18. So, because the Heat is deadly in transition, the Mavericks kept that under control and forced Wade/Bron to hit their jumpers. That wasn't enough for Game 1, but it could be for tonight. Dallas just needs to rebound better and hit a couple more shots and they'll steal homecourt.
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