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Default Re: All Purpose Boxing Discussion Thread

I really like the Amir vs Zab fight. Much better matchup than Amir vs Bradley. They had a nice little twitter beef going on in which I have to say that Amir won that round .

You know what, I might have to put BHop at the top of the p4p list. Although, I think these list are nothing more than mental *********ion for fans. Just give me good matchups anytime over these imaginary list.

Froch vs OG Johnson could be a nice little war. It's fight to watch this weekend. I'm going for Mr Johnson to win this one and the whole thing.

JCC Jr is also fighting in which should be his biggest test as he goes for his first major title. Interesting stat I read, JCC Sr. was 43-0 when he went for his first major title and JCC Jr is going in this fight with a record of 42-0-1.

Andre Berto also accused Ortiz of juicing in their fight and then back pedaled faster than MJ dancing on the moon. "He's juicing" seems to be the new excuses these days. Add that to the list that includes, "I was weighted drained. I over trained. I came into the fight with an injury."
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