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I think Colangelo was dealt a tough hand. He had to juggle rebuillding the team the way he wanted to with trying to make Bosh happy enough to stay. I think he has done a good job though overall. He has added athleticism,youth and defense at most every position. What he does with his 2 1sts this year will be key, but they are in solid shape with guys like Derozan,Davis,Bargs,Bayless,Alabi and the 2 Johnsons. If they get a good player at 5, they'll look pretty damn good. They also have a TPE to work with. The Turk and Jack signings were bad, but his ability to get out of both of them I thought was pretty good.

I think its good that he was extended. He gets to see this young core through a little bit that way and he has a good track record of identifying talent. This organization is not likely to do better than Colangelo right now IMO. I don't know who he'll take at 5, but again, that's key. I've heard a few sites mention that their board is probably Knight,Kanter,Walker. I'm guessing that means they don't see Bayless as any sort of answer.
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