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They got lucky? Its like they were in jeopardy of getting out of the playoffs. They have the 4th seed. And out of all the teams that didnt make the playoffs in the east, none of them had a .500 record. So the cavs would have had to lose over 10 more than they did which they didnt. Well I suppose your right.. LeBron is our catalyst. How about taking Emeka off of charlotte. They might not even win a game then. Well i dont know. They do have a lot of talent, they just cant put it together. They need some veteran people. But seriously though, if the Cavs get swept by the bobcats next year in the playoffs, I will hang myself. However, that wont happen, and that guy must have been high when he typed that. They dont match up well at all with them. Charlotte went 0-3 against the cavs this year by the way if im not mistaken.
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