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Default Re: Random thoughts on the playoffs-

Originally Posted by RecSpecs110
Such detailed and formal responses put mine to shame...
we need to get wang a better venue for his posts / articles... it's like "kmart drives a porsche to work" was back and better than ever.

btw, your posts have been good, too. keep 'em rolling, please.


anyway, yea... i was shocked at how much lebron looked like 'cleveland lebron' late in the game. his own ego working against him and wade feeling too humble (or whatever) to get in lebron's face and fix the matter.

i still don't feel very good about the situation because this series is still a case of dallas needing to do everything right and/or miami needing to have huge breakdowns in order for the mavs to win. that is, when dallas makes a couple mistakes, the heat tend to rip off ten or 15-point runs before you've blinked a couple times. but when dallas gets a break possession, they usually need marion to have released early in order to cash in.

and if they had marion and butler in the game at the same time... *ah*

i give spoelstra a lot of credit, here- the miami defense played superbly most of the game. they were giving nowitzki just the right amount of attention, neither doubling him too early or ever letting him get too open. which enabled the heat to address the two mavs' wildcards, terry and barea, who were once again given more perimeter attention than they're used to seeing and less lanes to drive down. making both guys look useless for long stretches. anyway, for a team with lousy PG's and centers, the heat sure know how to get after it on D.
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