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Default Mock Draft Game 2011

Last year's thread

We've done this game the last 2 years for the NBA and did it this year for the NFL draft so here's the rules...

1. Everyone will submit to me by PM a mock draft of the full 1st round. The mock must be submitted by a 1/2 hour before the start of the draft. NO EXCEPTIONS.

2. Drafts are submitted by PM to prevent people from copying others, I will post his in the thread before draft time so you know I'm not changing my picks.

3. Will take up to 12 mocks.

Scoring System

For every correct pick you make, it counts as 3 points. For every pick that you were 1 pick off, it's 2 points. 2 picks off counts as 1 point, and anything other than that goes for 0 points. Player with the most points wins. The point system goes by actual draft slot, not which team. Trades happen. For example if you have Brandon Knight going #3 to the Nets, and they trade up to #2 after you've submitted your mock and draft Knight, you don't get those points. The # at which they were selected is what you're scored upon, not the team.

Example of scoring:

Say that this is the mock I submit...

1. Irving
2. Williams
3. Walker
4. Kanter
5. Knight
6. Leonard
7. Burks

And the real draft order goes...

1. Irving
2. Walker
3. Williams
4. Burks
5. Kanter
6. Burks
7. Knight

You would receive 3 points for Irving, 2 points for Walker/Williams/Kanter/Burks, and 1 point for Knight. The Burks pick was 3 or more picks off and would receive 0 points.

Who's in?
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