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Default 2011 Drew League

Hey guys, summer's here again and that means the return of summer leagues. I posted a thread about it last summer. I went out today to the Drew League, the number one summer league in Los Angeles. Derozan, Weems, Dorsey, and Ed Davis all were there on a team including Michael Beasley, Austin Daye, Joe Smith, and the rapper The Game. Flavor Flav of Public Enemy fame and James Harden were in the crowd.

Derozan was very aggressive, attacking the rim almost every time he had the ball. Rarely settled for jumpers. His body control was amazing. He had several plays were he just hung in the air and elevated over every one for an easy lay in. The team ran a lineup at one point of Derozan, Weems, Davis, Dorsey, and Beasley, with Derozan at PG. His ball handling looked solid. Dorsey actually showed an ability to take his man off the dribble and get to the rim. His rebounding was on point and he had a few nice blocks. Weems and Davis didn't do much, Weems was forcing the issue a bit and Davis looked a bit timid, although after what happened last summer in a pick up game, I don't blame him. Davis is much longer in person than I thought. Dorsey is clearly bigger than him, but Davis is long and tall. Definitely has the tools to become a solid defender and rebounder.

Here's a video I took of Derozan getting an and 1 and converting the three point play:
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