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Default Re: Dallas Mavericks Want Vassilis Spanoulis To Replace Jason Kidd

Originally Posted by Euroleague
Josh Childress sucked in Euroleague. He was not a scrub but he was nothing more than the 5-8 best player on Olympiacos.

Of course, being a Hawks fan you probably are so delusional that you actually think he was some great Euroleague player.

Yeah, he was HORRIBLE, absolutely HORRIBLE in his first season. He was better in his second season, but still,

could not shoot, could not score one to one, and was a big liability on offense.

In fact, he was far better in the NBA with the Hawks than he ever was in Euroleague. What the Suns saw this year was the same complete crap POS player that was in Europe for 2 years.

The ugliest shot known to man, and people laughing at him in every single arena he played at in Europe. A dumb team that gave him a ridiculous contract and was literally praying and begging for him to opt out of it.

Josh Childress on the Suns is the exact same POS as he was on Olympiacos.

Nonetheless, he was a starter on an NBA playoff team with the Hawks before that. He went to the Euroleague and was a total POS.

Childress in the NBA started 44 games in his rookie season, but only 23 games in his following 3 years with the Hawks (including 0 in his last season before he left). He also never started in a playoff game (only played 7 playoff games.)... they only made the playoffs once when he was on the Hawks Get your facts straight.

He didnt work out in the NBA, so he went to Greece.. (got a 20$ contract) where he became an all star...
Childress' style of play really didn't fit in with Euroball. I saw the same when Orien Greene came over to play for Amsterdam. He was easily the most talented/gifted player on the squad, but he played a different type of ball.

Von Wafer
13 NBA starts (in 167 games), averaging 12 MPG. NBA scrub. In Europe, he didn't work out... not because he didnt have the talent, but because he didnt fit in. His coach said: "Von Wafer had a totally different philosophy than ours and could not adapt to ours. If someone is not up for it even to try, then he better stop doing it altogether". Same problem with Childress pretty much..
Guys have more talent, but play a different game.

Jannero Pargo
18 NBA starts, 379 games played.. 15.7 MPG. No playoff starts, ever. Averaged just 14MPG in the playoffs. Goes to Greece - Makes All star., eventhough he doesnt fit in

Gordon Giricek
Started about half of the games he played in in the NBA and was a decent roleplayer, just like he was in Moscow, Turkey and Croatia.. And he's a euro btw

Sean May
Started 25 out of the 119 games he played - all for none playoff/horrible teams. Has some talent, but is always out of shape.. No team in the NBA wants him.. Total NBA scrub. Goes to Turkey and becomes a roleplayer on a championship winning team

Bostjan Nachbar

Started just 25 NBA games (317 played). Played in 18 playoff games (just 12.4 MPG). Decent bench player in the NBA, just like he is now in Turkey Played some pretty good ball in Moscow too.

Originally Posted by Euroleague
Every single one of them was a starter or 6th man in the NBA and became a scrub in Euroleague

They were scrubs, bench players on none playoff teams and become roleplayers/starters/allstars in Europe!!

and about 10 more of the same exact examples. Every single year its the same thing as there are 2-3 more such examples every season.

Bring em!


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