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Default Sixers Trade

"Iverson might be wearing Atlanta Hawks red this very moment (with free agent forward Al Harrington, in a sign-and-trade deal, and guard Josh Smith coming to Philly) if Atlanta's ownership situation wasn't so messed up, and there was one person definitely in charge down there." Philadelphia Inquirer

"With Iverson out of town, the Sixers would be a different team - one built, for the moment, around Webber's half-court skills. It would mean more shots for Andre Iguodala and more touches for Samuel Dalembert, and it may mean that John Salmons sticks around instead of leaving via free agency. It would mean that Kyle Korver has to play off Webber - which could work, if there's a point guard in town next season who can distribute the ball." Philadelphia Inquirer

. . .With this in mind, the Sixers would have an all around team with more athletic players and a deeper bench than last year. The Sixers’ players would get more touches than last year, with AI leaving, and Webber could be the playmaker of our team setting up plays and dishing out the ball to open players like Kyle Korver or players moving without the ball like a Josh Smith or Andre Iguodala.

Starting Five
C- Samuel Dalembert
PF- Chris Webber
SF- Al Harrington
SG- Andre Iguodala
PG- Kevin Ollie

Bench Rotation
C- Steven Hunter
PF- Josh Smith
SF- Rodney Carney
SF- Kyle Korver
SG- John Salmons

What do you think about that deal and how the Sixers would look next year???
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