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Default Re: Dallas Mavericks Want Vassilis Spanoulis To Replace Jason Kidd

Originally Posted by Chapallaz
Von Wafer

8th player in rotation in 12008-2009 with Houston. Not a 6th man, nor a starter (11 games).

Jannero Pargo

6th man, started 5 games with NO before going to Europe.

Gordon Giricek

10th man, started 0 games with the Ssuns before goine to Europe. Not a 6th man, nor a starter (11 games).

Sean May

Became an unrestricted FA when Charlotte declined to make him an offer (he spent most of the last season with them on the injured list after being deemed physically unfit to play, meaning he was/is a fat ****). The year after he played 331 minutes in 37 games for the Kings, the 14th most for the team that year. He started 4 games. The year before leaving for Europe he signed with the Nets but broke his foot a week after signing and was released. Not a 6th man, nor a starter (11 games).

Bostjan Nachbar

was sixth man for the Nets. Played sicth most minutes but started only once.

Wilkins was clearly on his way down when he signed with Panathinaikos. He went from being a 26+pts/game scorer to just 17 with the Celtics. He was close to 37 years old the year he signed in Greece. That's not his prime. However, in Europe he dominated. He led Panathinaikos to a championship, averaged 20 pts and over 7 rebounds, he was named the Finals MVP, won the cup and was named the MVP once again. That's damn close to dominating.

Dino Radja was 32 when he returned to Europe. He was also past his prime, seeing as he failed his physical after being traded to Philly. Far from being in his 'prime'.

Radja averaged in NBA 15/7, 17/9, 20/10 and 14/8 (17/8 career) before going to Europe.

Wilkins averaged 18 in the NBA before and after going to Europe and 20 in Europe in between that.

Wilkins did not "dominate" crap at Panathinaikos. He played in a super team with other stars like Alvertis, Ekonomou, Vrankovic, Giannakis and was just one of many in the team. He sure the hell was not "dominant". He replaced Galis on the team, the guy that averaged 37 points a game and Wilkins, Galis' replacement averaged 20.

Wow. I learn something new every day in this forum. According to American NBA fans here. Nick Galis "sucked" and could "never play in the NBA", and Wilkins "dominated in Europe".

Never mind that Wilkins averaged 20 a game and the guy he replaced, Galis, averaged 37 a game before him. The basketball knowledge of NBA only fans is truly astonishing.

Wilkins sure "dominated" when he struggled to score against Georgios Sigalas and Olympiacos kicked his and Panathinaikos' ass in the Greek Championship. That was true "domination" as he could not handle the defense of Sigalas and his team lost the Greek playoff series.

Keep up the factual contributions with your twisted and distorted posts that completely distort and manipulate the truth.

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