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Default Re: Dallas Mavericks Want Vassilis Spanoulis To Replace Jason Kidd

Originally Posted by Euroleague
You are a fan boy of a team that has a Greek GM, a Greek head coach, a starting center that is Greek, a 6th man (and best scorer and shooter on the team) that is Greek, and has the best prospect/talent in the entire club that is also a Greek.

That has been trying to secure another young Greek talent.

This club that you are a fan boy of is now in the ACB Finals, might win the ACB championship, and has qualified for the Euroleague next season because of the GREEK basketball system.

And yet, all you do is talk endless crap about anything related to Greek basketball. You are such a hypocritical douche bag. Your own club would not be jack squat without all the Greeks in it.

Unlike these American NBA only fans that are ignorant and don't know any better, because they are xenophobic, cocky, arrogant, and have never in their entire lives seen even a single European basketball game...........

you have no excuse for your arrogant and douche like attitude. Your own club is dominated by Greeks and without them would not be crap. There is no excuse for your BS. Grow up.

Meanwhile, Greece is turning out to be the biggest shithole in Europe and has the rest of the EU paying up for the mess and corruption going on there. Be proud.
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