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Default Re: Pistons finally fired head coach John Kuester

I'm not sure if any coach will be successful with the roster that we have in place right now. We have far too many shooting guards and small forwards, no true point guard and a bunch of guys who refuse to play defense. Needless to say it will be a building process, I wouldn't be against Bill Laimbeer, Rick Adelman or Mike Woodson, but Isiah? I don't know, he's my all-time favorite player, but as a coach he expects too much. He expects his players to play at the level he played at, but doesn't understand that they aren't as talented as he was and may not be able to play at that level. None of the players respected Kuester, therefore his firing was inevitable, I just hope Dumars makes a better choice this time around, Curry then Kuester what were you thinking Joe?
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