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Default Re: Dallas Mavericks Want Vassilis Spanoulis To Replace Jason Kidd

Originally Posted by Chapallaz
Meanwhile, Greece is turning out to be the biggest shithole in Europe and has the rest of the EU paying up for the mess and corruption going on there. Be proud.

Greece debt was $300 billion ($800 billion with interest) all paid off by Germany.

Greece debt is now again at $150 billion ($450 billion with interest) and will soon be paid off again.

All the debts that have been and are paid off are being covered by Greek islands and territories being sold to Germany and German people.

USA = $14.5 trillion treasury debt ($203 trillion with interest)

USA = $70 trillion debt in total government obligations (with interest some estimates are as high as $800 trillion).

USA is not paying their debt and no one else is helping them with it. USA is not able to sell assets to cover their debt, unlike Greece.

Greece's solution to cover debts is to sell assets.

USA's solution to cover debts is to start illegal preemptive wars to boost manufacturing, wall street, and corporate profits, and to raid other nations. Even though the cost outweighs the benefit and even though they cut taxes on the richest of the rich at the same time.

USA's last resort is to constantly threaten, bully, and intimidate any country that holds US debt or that wants to dump the incredibly weak US dollar.

US standard of living is very low compared to other western nations. As is the education level. US is only western nation without free universal healthcare.

And yet, you have more debt than every other nation on the planet combined. USA has the most corrupt government, economy, educational system, military, press, media, religious system, sports system, etc. in the history of the world. Be proud.

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