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Default Re: Dallas Mavericks Want Vassilis Spanoulis To Replace Jason Kidd

Originally Posted by Euroleague
Right. Because when numerous posters make up lies no one has the right to call them on it. It is a LIE that any American NBA player goes to Europe and "dominates". It is total fiction and is a LIE.

It is also a LIE that all the best European players go to the NBA. A lie. It is a lie that there are no players in Europe that can play in the NBA or that are better than NBA players. A lie.

It is a lie that no sucky Euroleague players became good in the NBA. It is a lie that no good NBA players became scrubs in Euroleague.

You can't keep posting all these lies and think that no one will cal you on it. You get pissed off just if someone exposes lies that you and others are posting and when they get exposed you are so pissed off and then you are angry that the threads are not deleted because they expose the lies of you and others.

In addition to that, you falsely claim that the people exposing your lies are the ones "lying" and "making things up". You can never dispute anything, you can never bring any actual facts, you can never actually prove one thing that you say.

All you can do is repeat the same BS nonsense over and over like, "if any player in Europe was good he would be in the NBA", "all the best European players come to the NBA", "every American scrub dominates in Europe", and any other such delusional and imaginary BS that you can make up out of your own imagination.

When it is proven with true facts to you that this is wrong, you resort to childishk, rude, and immature baiting, flaiming, and name calling. You also respond with posts that are clearly xenophobic at the least, and seem to even be racist.

"No Euros are athletic." "No one in Europe can jump". "Euros are all soft, non-athletic, short, weak, white stiffs". "Only Americans can play basketball." "Only black guys can play basketball." "White Euros can't hand with blacks." "Blacks are physically and athletically and genetically superior to whites." Etc.

When someone tells you to stop making such offensive and insulting posts you then get your panties in a big tight wad and start claiming that you are being victimized. "Oh no mods he said I am xenophobic and I am making racist comments." "OMG mods this dude is anti-American." "Oh noes, mods this guy hates blacks."

When you are called out on your racist BS, you reply with something you think is clever apparently, but I assure you that is most certainly is NOT. You say, "hey I'm a white guy, so why would I be racist against whites."

Reading out of the how to get away with racism for racists idiot's guide 101 book is not being in the least bit clever. "Whites are genetically, physically, and athletically inferior to blacks. But hey, I'm a white guy so you can't call me a racist."

Yeah, brilliant. You are a racist and a retard.

Now what you do is you will send complaints about these posts and say to the mods, "see look at all this bashing and racism." "Bashing the NBA, bashing Americans, etc." "America hater."

You will of course send the complaints to a mod that you know also believes complete fairy tale nonsense that any American scrub "dominates" in Europe and all the best European players are in the NBA and all that other ridiculous BS.

Another like-minded "basketball expert" such as yourself that has never seen a game in Europe and that actually thinks the NBA equates to "world basketball."

If you manage to get the thread deleted you will then brag and make a bunch of rude and personally insulted posts directed towards me, and once again post a bunch of ignorant, untrue lies, and a bunch of extremely thinly veiled racism and xenophobia. All the while crying like a little girl to the mods if what you are doing is pointed out.

Saying that people should be banned for racism and accusing others of being racist. Then you should be banned. You falsely accuse me of hating Americans and the USA. A LIE. You constantly make incredibly blatant racist comments here against white people and people of the European race.

You then say, "hey I ain't no racist cuz I'm like all white man", when complaints are made about your openly racist comments against white people.

You will then say, this thread is derailed, after YOU derailed it. I am done with you, permanently. Permanent ignore list. End of story.

Your antics and your schtick are not in the least slightest bit amusing. And you are not in any way, shape, or form the least bit intelligent, worldly, knowledgeable, or educated.

If this was a movie you would have yelled OF COURSE I AM LAKAS! at the end of this diatribe. I schooled you, old school good guy style. Forced you to reveal your true identity.

and i don't know euroleague but i do know Spanoulis sucked to a level in the NBA that a team with championship aspirations would not seek to choose to replace their great (albeit old) PG with his crappy self.
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