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Default Re: What are your experiences with "snitches"?

Snitching is something cops invented where they turn guys into informants. Thats what a snitch is. Someone who is facing 30yrs in prison but decides in order to reduce his time he will give up names. The bigger the names the more years that get knocked off. You got snitches who are rivals and wanna mess up someones elses illegal hustle/activity in order to see them fall or take advantage. A snitch is someone who is involved in dirt/wrong and gives up someone else doing dirt/wrong. If you're not involved in no illegal activity. Standup person and report someone doing dirt. Thats not snitching.

I think the word snitch has been used wrong. Someone asks "Who drunk up all the damn Kool Aid" and you say who did. Thats not snitching. And back in school when a goody twoshoes kid always reported someone for doing wrong. We called them tattle tellers.
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