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Default Re: Ray Allen exercises option to play for Celtics in 2011-12

Originally Posted by Rowe
I think its a bad move. I was hoping he'd opt out.

If Boston is serious about rebuilding next season they are going to use him as trade bait at any point during the season. Nothing worse than knowing you will have to potentially uproot your family at any point during the year. That could mean spending at least 1/2 of the season on a bad team in a small market where people would forget about him. Reaching a buyout to join a contender would mean forfeiting some of this money and ending up on a contender relegated to a bench player.

If Allen opted out he can get a 2-3 year contract for the MLE, and decide which team he wants to join based on playing time/role.

You just wanted him on your team.

There's no need to trade him because his and KG's contracts will expire and they can resign cheaper in the new CBA, leaving money to pick up FAs.

Ray won't leave Boston.
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