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Default Re: Tell me about DeAndre Jordan

DeAndre Jordan is definitely a keeper and I'm in the "Trade Kaman" fan club. We don't need a Center to score 20 a game because we already have a PF that can score 25+(I know his average isn't that much but he's obviously capable of it). And according to, DJ has been working on his free throws and post moves and apparently is improving. Considering how much of a hard working player he is, I believe he'll be a better offensive player next season. He won't put up huge numbers but if he can cut down his fouls and hit about 60+% from the line and play 30+ minutes, I can see him averaging 10+ points, 11+ rebounds, and 3+ blocked shots and maybe become a candidate for defensive player of the year. Him and Griffin have great chemistry and Blake improving his game will make DJ look better mainly because he's a great passing big man. If Blake can end up knocking down that 15-20 foot jumper with with the occasional 3 on a more consistant basis, defenders will have to respect him, which will leave the inside open for lobbs and bounce passes.

The Clippers of course need to get a solid SF as a starter, but they should also focus on bringing in a veteran center. Unfortunately I can't think of any because centers suck now adays, but I'm sure there's a decent one out there. Maybe bring back Marcus Camby. In my dreams(NBA 2k11), I signed Shaq to a 1 year deal as a backup to a much improved DJ but too bad he retired
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