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Default Re: Tayshaun prince is a Free agent. does he sign with the highlight factory(Heatles)

Originally Posted by Clippersfan86
I've always been a Prince fan. I loved watching the 02-05 ish Pistons. Such great great squads. I think people here are selling him short. He just turned in one of his best seasons when he was 30 years old (just turned 31). He's got another 3-4 good years at least. His playstyle is a more defensive minded Kevin Durant. Meaning on offense he spends most of his time outside of the post. He's not going to be injury prone. He's one of the NBA's few players who had 6 straight 82 game seasons (last season played 78).

His defense, unselfishness and ability to knock down 3's and finish the fastbreak= perfect for Clippers needs. We don't need another 20 ppg scorer who wants 20 shots a game. We need a 3rd/4th option (to go with Mo Williams) who is just a threat, ready to knock down shots. With Eric Gordon and Blake drawing so many double teams it would be a very easy job for a veteran SF.

This man speaks the truth. Clippers make perfect sense for Prince.

Well everything outside of Gordon & Griffin being double teamed. They're not there yet as players to command a double team every time down the court. Maybe if they're having a good game or something.
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