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Default Y'all Lebron Haters need to listen...

All the recent hate against Lebron saying this is dwades team playing second fiddle is all bull, and he can't perform has eveybody forgotten how this team got to the finals through his performance this whole season and the bulls celts series??


He is..

Most Complete player on and off the court, gets it done both ends of the floor

Gold Medal
Rookie Of The Year
Scoring Title
Been to the final
Succesful marketing firm
Brand Ambassador

What's Missing?

An NBA Title!!!!

This is why he made the decision to better himself and get a world title. He wasn't going to get that in Cleveland he was the best thing that ever happened to that city and they didnt get him the help he wanted pretty much ****ed him around. He is an unselfish player and that is why he is going to win.

These next few games he's going to go off just to throw this mud back in the critics faces.

Don't hate the player hate the game... behind every succesful person, lies a pack of haters

3-1 Miami.
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