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Default Re: Hakeem Olajuwon is beginning to become quite overrated here.

Most OVER-RATED player on the ISH board. EIGHT FIRST-ROUND playoff exits. ONE MVP in 18 seasons.


My god a nearly 40 year old Kareem, who could barely get 6 rpg, CRUSHED him with THREE 40+ point games in two seasons...and an average of 33 ppg on .634 shooting in FIVE H2H games in '86.

And how about this game...

Los Angeles Times:

While Akeem Olajuwon spent the whole game trying to steal the ball from Abdul-Jabbar, the Laker center spent the whole game throwing down a breathtaking series of hook shots on his way to a 46-point explosion.

For some reason, Rocket Coach Bill Fitch thinks it is a good idea to let Olajuwon go one-on-one with Abdul-Jabbar. It proved to be the biggest coaching blunder in any Laker game this season.

Abdul-Jabbar made 21 of 30 shots in 37 minutes to reach his high this season. He probably could have scored 50 points (his career high is 55) had he played any longer.

Hakeem couldn't even guard a WAY-OVER-THE-HILL Kareem.
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