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Default Re: OT: Network Marketing-Scam?

I normally just come to InsideHoops to read, but I had to join after coming across this. I assume that you met with your friend's upline who showed you those videos and promised a young retirement living off residual income? I've been there and experienced all that, including getting to drive one of these guy's Porsche 911 (which was actually paid for by his work at a previous MLM business).

I was an ACN rep for for about 11-12 months, THEY ARE NOT a scam or pyramid scheme or whatever negative label you want, they are a legit company with a surprisingly good product (my customers saved an average of $10-20 a month on their bills). However, to be blunt, you will not make money. Maybe a few hundred bucks, but overall you spend more on your business then what you bring in. Like most MLM or direct marketing companies, money (and lots of it) floats around at the top and you will not see any of it.

I would assume that you are in the 18-27 range which makes succeeding in ACN very difficult as your networking abilites are somewhat limited. I joined ACN one month after turning 19 and slaved for a year dreaming of big wealth and Ferraris. Instead I spent around $1500, failed several classes at college and alienated myself from my friends that weren't in ACN, but thank god they are great enough friends to accept me back.

I did meet a lot of great people though, and one fantastic thing that ACN did do for me was plant a seed of wealth in my mind. Not just "I want to be rich" but a true deep desire for wealth that I would not have if I wasn't exposed to some of the things I saw. So in hindsight, there were more negatives than positives, but I did learn and experience many things that I would not have otherwise so I would not change it if I could.

If I were you, I would not do this, but if wealth is something you wish to acquire instead begin reading and studying books by Dr. Joesph Murphy, Esther Hicks, and others. They can all be found on Amazon and in Borders, etc.

I apologize for this rambling post, if you have any questions just ask and I'd be glad to answer then truthfully becuase I have been there.
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