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Default Re: Random thoughts on the playoffs-

quick thoughts on G4:

- dirk's 102-degree fever and 4th-quarter heroism aside, it still feels like miami can take this series whenever it wants to. meanwhile, dallas can't win if it has to earn four victories by late comebacks. simply not going to happen, and i think even the most hardcore dallas fans know that.

- great to see peja staying on the bench and more of deshawn destevenson's defense and ability to hit the three. true, he makes mistakes here and there, but his ability to play good defense on wade / lebron is critical IMO.

- marion has really stepped it up and turned back the clock, but terry and barea are getting exposed out there- when their shots aren't falling it's been brutal on the mavs. dallas may technically be tied and hanging in there, but they simply can't win the series like this. IMO carlisle is going to have to take a chance somewhere and go away from established routine, like he's mow doing with stevenson. i would think along the lines of activating butler, or possibly even beaubois. but beaubois is the only one who can move around the floor and create like barea and terry do.

indeed, this was supposed to be beaubois' breakout season, and very few people expected barea to be getting this much PT and for that to actually be working. right up until this heat series, that is, in which he looks like 'same old barea'.

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