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Originally Posted by ev0429
I know exactly how to make the hawks contenders. Trade harrington to the knicks for Jamal Crawford and Maurice Taylor( Taylor is in his last yr of his contract ) sign Joel Przybilla, and then trade Salim Stoudamire and Josh Smith for Luke Ridnour. These simple moves will give the hawks a strong bench, be still under the cap,a true point guard, size, and defensive The line up will then be:

Luke Ridnour-Tyronn Lue
Joe Johnson-Jamal Crawford
Marvin Williams-Josh Childress
Sheldon Williams-Maurice Taylor
Zaza Pachulia-Joel Przybilla

2006-2007 Atlanta Hawks aka- the eastern conference phoenix suns with better defense

You absolutely cant be a Hawks fan if you would Trade Josh Smith and Salim for Ridnour. Those two alone could net the Hawks Iverson in a deal.
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