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Default Re: Who should the Utah Jazz get in the offseason?

if you just want a top 15 starting Pg in this league, there you have it. There aren't many better veteran options out there. He's better than the Felton,Sessions types that are on the marekt right now.

Considering that pg has become the premier position in the league it's certainly arguable as to rather he is top 15 or better than Felton for that matter.

what has Miller won again?

Denver and Philly were much better with him than without him. George Karl certainly preferred him to AI. He makes his teams better. Harris certainly hasn't shown that. So that means more than any stats or accolades or contracts, etc. to me.

Doesn't mean its best for the team, which should be the main concern of Portland's GM. Field the best team possible. Wallace at the 4 is not your best team.

And I'm sure they don't plan on him being there just as they didn't plan on Roy's career being derailed early or Oden being hurt or Aldridge playing in the middle, etc.

I just think in the end you undervalue Harris. He might be a guy Utah would like out of the way since they are rebuilding, but he has value around the league and they cannot give him away. You can get a good asset for him.

He's overvalued at 10 million plus a year. I never said they can't get something for him. They better after what they gave up for him. Just don't see Portland giving up Wallace for him.

Portland would get rid of Roy if they could but they can't.

Never say never as the Arenas/Lewis deal proved once again.
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