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Default Re: Warriors and 76ers discussing Monta Ellis for Andre Iguodala trade

Originally Posted by GOBB
They said they arent going to trade Iggy just to rid themselves of his contract. Which means him being moved for expirers isnt gonna happen. If they trade Iggy its to make the team better not take a step backwards. Even tho some fans feel Sixers should take 2 steps back to get better in the future. Sixers really value Iggy and think he can get them something to make the team better.

As far as for who? Not much word on that. A go to scorer and a big have been cited as needs. And Thorn hinted to a predraft trade possbility. So something could get done either with Iggy or something else.

Iggy is very highly paid. I don't really view him as a first or second option on a championship-contending team. I view him as the 3rd best. I wonder how GMs around the league view him? And thus his real value. Is he a good value with that contract? I don't know.
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