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Default 32 years ago today New Orleans Jazz to Utah

It was 32 years ago today that the NBA Board approved the New Orleans Jazz request to move to Salt Lake City. This is the story that appeared in The Times-Picayune from the meeting in Chicago written by Jazz beat reporter Jimmy Smith, who covers the Hornets today.

Chicago -- He has performed his magic many times over for the basketball fans of New Orleans and, despite the New Orleans Jazz untimely demise here Friday, those fans will still remain No. 1 in his heart.

"I'll say one thing," Pete Maravich said from his Clearwater, Fla., summer home. "If, in fact, this team does anything, if I'm in a situation like Seattle and Washington for the championship, anything I do, I'll do for the city of New Orleans.

"Whether the team's in Salt Lake or not, I'll do it personally for the city of New Orleans."

It was Maravich's only comment on a day the Jazz's fate -- long known -- was finally decided.

It was unusual to gain such a personal insight, such personal feelings, on a day when things were so cold and impersonal. And still further, considering the fact that, according to his contract, Maravich has to play on in New Orleans, and nowhere else, should he so choose.

The National Basketball Association quickly said goodbye to a franchise that shattered all existing attendance records, to a city that grew to love its basketball passionately.

"The NBA Board of Governors," said Commissioner Lawrence O'Brien at 2:20 p.m. Friday. "by a unanimous vote, has followed the unanimous recommendation of the league's advisory committee and has approved the request of the New Orleans Jazz to relocate the franchise in Salt Lake City, Utah."

It's right here in the original article that the Jazz had no attendance problems in NOLA. People really need to toss out that misperception that the Jazz left NOLA based on lack of support. Nobody will want to read the truth though. Negatives trumps truth I guess.
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