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Default Re: Who should the Utah Jazz get in the offseason?

It is not debatable whether Raymond Felton is better than him, by any measure.

Sure it is. They're in the same range

9-10 mil is a very fair price for a quality starting PG. Jose Calderon is overvalued at that price, Kirk Hinrich is overvalued at that price. Harris is worth that money. I'm not even a huge Harris fan, but you are downgrading him too much. Premier position or not, he's still a very good starter.

I'd put these guys in the same range too. Calderon like Harris had an all-star type year once. Hinrich isn't really a pg so as a bench player he can't get enough minutes to earn that money and he's too short to start at the 2 but for the Hawks he was able to start at the one because the ball was in JJ and Crawford's hands and he could play off the ball so he can play big minutes and is arguably worth the money if you think borderline starters are worth that kind of money which all these guys are. Harris was at his best as a role player in Dallas. I'd say Calderon is a better fit for Utah tooC

I just think Portland wants something different from the position.

Great! Maybe Harris is better for them? Andre would certainly be better for the Jazz both as a player and a contract.

Again, yes, they will play Wallace there is something unplanned happens. That doesn't change what their plans will be. For that reason, Batum has to be available.

Why does he have to be available? Batum is very young still. Wallace is called Crash for a reason. Him, Camby and Roy will miss time. That's a given regardless of Oden(who still sounds far away even if he ever stays healthy) . There's still plenty of minutes to go around.

I can't imagine what you would shoot for that is more than Harris. You aren't getting Chris Paul for him.

That's why I don't see them trading Wallace for him.
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