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Default 2011 NBA Finals Game 5 thread: Miami Heat at Dallas Mavericks

game start: today. (9. june) 9PM ET

key of game: this is a BIG GAMES to both them teams dallas or miami the teams that win these game will be 3-2 so this a BIG WIN to most team but a BIGGER win to dallas because the need win this with homecourt because the go to miami next time

BIGGE KEY TO THE GAME!!! BIGGE KEY TO THE GAME!!! he lebron play a verry not good game last game that was a disapoints to me i a lebronfan WHAT HE DO THINK !! he will i thin kh ave a big game to this game he have have a good game and wade too to have a win here lebron have have a BIG game 20 + pts n if wade not hot to this game lebron have to have a clutch

a big key to game dirk play a very good games these finals and PLAYOFFS!! man he do clutch shots he will have a probably BIG game 25+ pts

jump ball tip: this is a jumpballtip win to dallas chandler is so much better to the jumpballtip then joel anthony spolstra still make joel anthony start center and we lose them jumpballtips he make no thinking it will maybe cost miami the finals the lose all these jumpballtip to MUST WIN GAMES . dallas win to this jumpballtip

iam now 3-3 UNDEAFETED to the miami game threads now we will see if we win to this game make me 4-4 in championship game must win !!


LeBron: "This is the biggest game of my life"
Dirk: "This is our game 7"
Carlisle: "Bring it on"

Originally Posted by Heat007
in these playoffs LeBron scored 15 points twice - both losses. In both instances he followed it up with big efforts in the following games scoring 35/14 and 29/10 - both wins.

LeBron said today - 'This is the biggest game of my career'

Expect a big bounce back performance tonight which will give the team a great boost.

Originally Posted by Kellogs4toniee
It's essential that the Mavs win this game tonight if they want to win the series. The chances of Miami winning two straight if they lose tonight is much better then the chances of the Mavs winning two straight if they lose tonight. As close as the series has been, Miami is still the favorites here and they have played like it this entire play-offs.

Expect everyone to play like there life depended on it.

lets get these game on the road!!!

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