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Default Re: Just 2 easy adjustments and the Heat win this series and the Title....

Originally Posted by Heat007
1) Get Tyson Chandler off the court and get that guy into foul trouble. What's amazing is that Chandler always gets into foul trouble through his entire career, he has a big problem with that. What I would do is send Wade into the paint repeatedly in the first quarter and get some fouls on chandler sticking him on the bench !! Without Haywood for the rest of this series the Mavs will be in real trouble at that point and the Heat will win these 2 games handily if they do that..

2) They must make Dirk work on defense !! Mitch Richmond was on WQAM yesterday and I want you guys to listen to his interview here:

^ Listen to Richmond's take there and he is 100% CORRECT. We don't make Dirk work on defense AT ALL and that's why he has so much energy in 4th quarters for his offense, EVEN WHEN HE HAS THE FLU !!

Richmond makes an EXCELLENT POINT !! We must make Dirk run all over the floor when he's on defense because so far he has been getting a FREE PASS in these playoffs because we're not attacking him when we're on offense, and this allows Dirkj to just concentrate on offense himself, and he's killing us because of it. Chandler is a MUCH better defender than Dirk is and what we need to do is make Dirk run around on defense like the Mavs are making LeBron run around making him chase screens and picks through the first 3 quarters, and this is why LeBron gets worn down by the 4th quarter.

Did you guys notice how we were attacking Dirk in the middle of the 4th quarter in Game 5? We were setting Off screens and pick-and-rolls where the Heat got a bunch of easy Haslem and Bosh buckets on Dirk with beautiful passes on screens from Wade and LeBron. But then we were STUPID and STOPPED doing that in the final 4 minutes of the game and went back to our ISO game and stupid long range jumpshots after attacking Dirk relentlessly earlier in the 4th ending in layups and Dunks !! We must do this earlier in games and make Dirk run around and work !! By the 4th quarters he will be tired and won't be able to make those difficult shots he's making late in games !

Mitch Richmond is BANG on !! Why isn't Spoelstra fighting Fire with Fire ?!?! The Mavs are consciously making LeBron run around screens and chasing on defense for the entire first halves of this series, WE NEED TO DO THE SAME TO THEM and PASS the ball around a lot instead of ISO Making Dirk Work HARD on Defense in the 1st halves in Games 6 and 7!! We do this WE WIN !! Dirk is slow laterally and he is not a good shot blocker at all. He is not as good defensively as Chandler and Marion are... SO WE MUST ATTACK Dirk ! That is their weak link.. and then Chandler will come over to support Dirk getting beat down on defense getting Chandler in foul trouble as he needs to extend his defense.

The Mavs are extending our defense lately, WE NEED TO DO THE SAME TO THEM !! and the weak link is using our drives and athletic players down low like Haslem and Bosh to make Dirk move all over the court on defense. I want to see Dirk SCRAMBLING on defense in the 1st halves of games 6 and 7; .. I want to see Dirk stretch all the way to the 3-point line in his covers, then move the ball around getting him to the other side, then for good measure set curls and pick and rolls RIGHT ON Dirk and start getting into his head ON THAT SIDE OF THE BALL !! it will GREATLY affect his 4th quarter performance.. TRUST ME. This is what the Mavs are doing to lebron early in games and we MUST FIGHT Fire with Fire and do this to Dirk !! Attack him like we attacked Boozer's terrible defensive ability in the 3rd round in the Bulls series.

Trust me if we do this WE WIN !! Now what's Erik Spoelstra's email address so I can send this to him.?!

If we attacked Dirk's defense starting from Game 1, and made him work really hard on that side of the ball in the first 3 quarters, then right now we have this series already won and are NBA Champions.
Dude seriously get off the Internet, Get your mom to press your suit, and sit by the phone. Pat Riley is going to be calling any second because you have answered the question that the entire Miami Heat coaching staff and players have been unable to figure out. You're like one of those Idiot Savants minus the Savant part
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