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Default Re: Just 2 easy adjustments and the Heat win this series and the Title....

Originally Posted by tpols
The Mavs would probably go zone with that lineup.. or they would just leave Kidd on Wade, and put Barea on miller.. as long as Barea sticks to Miller's body and doesn't try to help too much, it shouldn't be a problem.

And the only guy that can really shoot and tear a zone up is mike miller.. and anthony is just a blackhole.. so I really dont see how this lineup would increase the heat's offense.

Over an extended period of time, zones make teams vulnerable to offensive rebounds. And Wade/Miller/James/Bosh/Anthony would also be a nasty rebounding lineup.

I've advocated for Wade to play PG in the past, and I blame him for refusing to do it. Because the Heat really would turn into a dynasty if they made that move. They would have an advantage at the 1 every single night.

In the past, Wade had more of an excuse because he had to do everything for the team, but now he's got star helpers. And he and James split ball-handling responsibilties anyway, so he'd still be playing his own game. It's just the about the matchups-- they would be unstoppable. Then all the Heat would need to do is get a center over the summer, and they'd become fearsome.
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