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Default Re: Halo 4 and Halo CE anniversary edition announced

Originally Posted by LJJ
Yeah, I guess they have sort of exhausted that approach?

They've tried to launch a lot of new franchises over the years and very few of them were successful.

You got stuff like Blinx, Perfect Dark Z, Sudeki, Shadowrun, Tao Feng, Ninety-nine Nights, Kameo, etc, etc. Just a whole bunch titles ranging from mediocre to intensely awful. They just don't have more than one or two talented development teams on their payroll.

Their new thing seems to be to focus mostly on third-party and then try and negotiate some small form of exclusive content.
The problems is ALOT of those games appeal more towards the PS3 or Nintendo market.

Xbox 360, isn't really an RPG console. The only exception was really mass effect which is on the PS3 now. KOTOR was as well, but they abandoned that franchise. I can't think of any other exclusive RPGs. Most of the xbox games are really...shooters.

Let's be real. Perfect Dark was originally on the N64. It's not a 360 title, sure it came out for the 360, but that's not Microsoft's franchise.
Sudeki? It got positive reviews. Not sure why they abandoned it either.
Shadowrun came out first on the PC, and then moved over to the 360.
Tao Feng never heard of it.
Nighty-nine nights? it's cool but I think developer went under not sure.
I want to see them come up with something new. Something really really creative. I thought Prototype could be that type of game. And Sony's answer was inFAMOUS which I'm pretty sure was a bigger success. But I'd love to see more of that out of the box style that xbox once had.

I'm also pretty sure the Kinect will come back and bite them in the ass, because how many hardcore gamers actually have/want the kinect? I don't know any whatsoever. Sure immediately it boosted the sales because it stole some off the wii's market...but I really think they're gonna regret sinking more into it, than their own non-Kinect games.
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