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Originally Posted by BradMiller52
Here's my opinion:

At first I hated this pick but the more I think about it the more I like it. Douby was a great shooter at the college level and averaged 25 ppg last year. He can play both guard spots and he's instant offense off the bench with nba 3 point range. He's kind of athletic and I think Musselman will be able to get him to play decent defense. The guy has really long arms. I heard him on KHTK, he sounded like a hardworking team player.

What do you guys think?

Yeah, same with me. At first I was pretty pissed we didn't pick Marcus Williams but then I thought about it. A Point Guard who can distribute the ball but can barely shoot the ball for a lick of grass, is not very athletic..sounds like Jason Hart, plus Jason Hart has been in the league for a few years too.

Everyone on most Kings boards don't like it. Everyone says he's going to get "crushed" by 2 guards. Wtf? Why is he going to play the 2 when we have Kevin Martin and Francisco Garcia?(This meaning Bonzi beaing gone in a sign-in-trade for who, I don't know, waiting for that Petrie magic).He's going to back up Mike Bibby. He does not have to bring the ball up that much since you have Artest and Garcia or even maybe Martin to bring it up until Douby can get better at that.

Some board Moderators at other kingsfans forums are really really dumb. Ends with a 21. That poster needs to be shot.
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