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Default Re: All Purpose Boxing Discussion Thread

Which Youtube Channels Do You Watch?

There are a lot of guys out there making vids about boxing. Some very good, some very boring. Maybe I miss some good ones.
Give me your favorite channels.

Here are my top 3 (no order):

UncleChuckNitty: Boxing in the Hallway. Chuck and TG1 discussing boxing. TG1 will piss you off at some point when he'll be calling your favorite fighter a bum. But they have a very unique perspectiv on the sport and the fighters. Creativ and humorous. Love it.

JERMZWON: I don't like his rap vids much but his boxing vids are dope. He has that flow when he speaks which makes it very entertaining to listen to.

bigragu: I think the big ragu has the most views of them all. He's the classic prediction guy. Good breakdowns, good predictions.
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