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Default Re: Charlotte Bobcats name Rich Cho their new general manager

As a Blazers fan, I am glad for him and I hope he does well in Charlotte. He didnt get enough of a chance to prove himself in Portland. The only real move he made was the Gerald Wallace trade, which was a great deal IMO

He was fired because he and the team owners had a different vision on how to run the team. I really don't get it though.. Why was he hired in the first place? Don't you discuss in what direction you want a team to go before you hire a person as a GM? Paul Allen needs to put some faith in a GM and Cho seemed like the guy to me.
Pritchard was fired for different reasons, but personal issues between him and the ownership was a big part of it as well Pritchard made some bad moves (getting injury riddled players) and there are rumors about him being an *sshole pretty much, but most people agree that he did a solid job as a GM.. and Cho was fired and he didnt even get a fair shot at proving himself.

Portland FO be trippin. Good luck to Rich Cho and the Bobcats!
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