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Default Re: All Purpose Boxing Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by SCREWstonRockets
Why is Sergio Martinez not a bigger star? He has all the star qualities, the look, exciting fighting style, KO power. It's a shame he has yet to have one PPV fight. And were talking about a Top 5 fighter in the world.

These promoters need to get off their asses and stop letting HBO promote their fighters. Sergio should be fighting more than once or twice per year. No reason why he shouldn't have a bigger name and bigger following. Bob Arum gets a lot of negativity but he and even GBP would know how to promote Sergio and make him a star.

Its not even just Sergio. But guys like Paul Williams and Berto, both Americans with fan freindly styles, who get HBO fights all the time but still relatively unknown to everyone besides diehards. To top it off, these promoters come out of no where to cash out and expect Top Rank or GBP to give their fighters, their biggest paydays ever. If the promoters would actually do their job and build up their fighter's name, they wouldn't have problems getting big money fights with top dogs like TR and GBP.

yeah man, DiBella sucks
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